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What your price on a dynoed 604?
Do you recommend running a return on the fuel line?
Any difference between the wilds headers and the pro fab headers on a 604?
On a 602/604 is running a 1” carburetor spacer recommend / beneficial or no spacer at all?
Do you recommend a distributor on a 602 dirt late model? If so front or rear mounted?
What price on a chassis dyno 602 mod?
Could you explain the anti-reversion mufflers a little bit, and if you think they would be benefit over an open header on a 602 asphalt modified?
Rumor around our track is that 604 stainless profab headers and billet E85 stealth carb, gains horsepower and torque. Any truth to this, if so how much?
Explain how someone can set up traction control?+

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